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October POTM

October POTM

Hi, everyone! So, I'm a little behind here, but I wanted to talk about my Product of the Month (POTM) pick for October! This month's pick is my newest favorite shampoo:

I am such a fan of Jessica Alba's Honest Company line. I mentioned in my 'September POTM' post that I am trying to stay away from products that contain unnecessary chemicals and harmful ingredients. The Honest Company sells products that are free of these, but are still reasonably priced and pleasant to use. I have used a few products from this line and was very happy with the outcome. 

I was especially excited when I found out the line extended to the beauty market. Jessica Alba also created Honest Beauty, which has the same standards and quality as The Honest Company. The ingredients used are pure, free of cancer-causing chemicals, and not tested on animals. With today's technology, there is absolutely zero reason to be testing on animals, so I am always an advocate of any company that does not. 

So, about this product! I wanted a shampoo that was free of harmful chemicals, mostly because I have been dealing with a lot of hair loss. It could be related to stress or anxiety - I am not entirely sure. Whatever the case, I'm trying to anything I can to treat my hair as best as possible in order to prevent any further loss. I decided to give this shampoo a test run when I saw it at an Ulta store.

I was extremely impressed with how clean this product left my hair. I am someone with very naturally oily hair (my dad's genes are to thank for that), so it's really important that I have a shampoo that can remove buildup and condition my hair, but not leave it feeling weighed down with product. This one passed the test! I was worried that because of how clean my hair was feeling, it would start to become dry. This was not the case - if anything it made my hair softer! The only potential downside to this product is that not everyone may like the smell. However, I personally do not mind it. Given that it is primarily derived from natural ingredients, it is going to smell that way!

Next on my 'to try' list will be the conditioner from the 'Beyond Hydrated' line. I also want to try out the makeup from this brand, because like I said, I am really trying to make the shift to more natural products! 



(Note: This is not a sponsored post. All images are either my own or from the Honest Beauty and Ulta websites.)

September POTM

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