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Color Transitioning

Color Transitioning

Hair is something I take very seriously. Could you tell from my pictures? As I’ve mentioned before, I work as a receptionist at the salon from my home area - and because of this, I’ve become a hair fanatic.

I remember the first time I ever did anything to my hair. It was an ombré my freshman year of college. After 4 hours of anixety-ridden patience, it turned out to be everything I wanted. From there on out, the addiction was instilled. You know how people say that once you get one tattoo, you can’t stop? Well, hair is the same way. once you start coloring it, it’s game on from there. (It especially doesn’t help that I only have to pay a mere fraction of what you normally would because of my job). The most ironic thing is that I remember my whole life being like, “I’ll never do anything to my hair. ever!!!”… and now you see how wrong I was. As you can see in the pictures above, I have gone through m a n y different color phases. (And have taken enough selfies to last me a lifetime!) I've gone from my natural color (dark brown) to a brown/blonde ombré to light brown highlights, to even lighter brown hair to eventually being blonde, then to VERY dark brown (not my favorite), then to an almost red color, then back to light brown, then back to the blondest I’ve ever been this summer. I honestly am surprised I’m able to remember all of this, because I color my hair SO often.

I get bored extremely quickly, and I also love trying out new looks. My most recent is an auburn/dark brown with a ton of face-framing ashy blonde balayage. I have to say, I tink this is up there in my top favorites. although I loved the blonde, I was getting really sick of it, and if you know me - I always go back to being darker once fall rolls around.  

I never ever pictured myself to be the type of person who is anything but my natural color, but here I am, trying every color on the wheel. It just goes to show that you never really know until you try! I was told by practically everyone that I could never go blonde, and now it’s a favorite within my friend group. This is because everyone pictured me to be PLATINUM blonde, which is obviously something I couldn’t pull off with the features I possess.

Picking the shade is the most important aspect of changing your color. What I mean by this is, you need to know if you want more of a gold blonde or an ashy blonde - or a copper brown or a chocolate brown. These may seem foreign to you, but they make the world of a difference when it comes to accentuating your features (or on the more unfortunate end - washing you out). Have you ever seen someone go straight from dark to light or vice versa and you practically don’t recognize the person? This is not something you want, and is common with changing shades too drastically.

1) Know your stylist. Your stylist is the most important person in the color-changing process (obviously), and it’s imperative that you properly communicate what you want and are upfront and honest when it doesn’t turn out the way you want. Be sure to do this with tact, of course.

2) Transition slowly. While you may want to hop right from brunette to blonde, realize this is a process. Refer to number 5 in my ‘coloring your hair: what to know’ post to understand this more. It’s better for your hair and easier on the eyes to subtly change your hair, because it may come as a shock if you go light or dark too quickly.

3) Go outside of your comfort zone. this is something you and your stylist want to discuss together. My stylists happen to be my coworkers/friends, so they are honest with me and rather good at convincing me to do something I’ve been thinking of doing (going blonde, for example), but have been apprehensive about. There are so many shades of a certain color, so you have to keep that in mind before you rule out the entire color altogether.

4) Enhance your features. Some colors bring out your features more than others. My eyes, for example, are brown and actually take on the color I dye my hair. When my hair is blonde, they are lighter, and when my hair is more of a red, they look more red. Blue and green eyes can be brought out with both light and dark hair - depending on the look you want to go for.

5) Do what you like. Now, don’t get me wrong - I definitely consider the opinions of those close to me before deciding to make a change. Keep in mind, though, it’s your hair at the end of the day, so make sure it’s something you are comfortable with. There were a few times the majority ruled for me NOT to do something, but I went with it anyway. Ironically, they ended up loving the results! Sometimes you know yourself better than you realize.

My general rule of thumb is to change my hair with the seasons. Generally, I’m light in the warmer months and dark in the cooler months - I just switch up the shades here and there. It’s more flattering and it’s a nice transition. Happy coloring!


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