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Well, it looks like the website is finally official! What a journey it's been. From being "societalsmiles" and then "fairlytaylor" on Tumblr to finally having my own domain name - I'm not going to lie, it's pretty cool! After a ton of brainstorming (big thank you to the people who helped me out), I decided on Tone of Taylor. It's a little bit of what my blog is about, and it's short and simple. I liked the word "tone", because it can mean both voice and color (both of which are fundamental to being a blogger). The alliteration happened to be an added bonus.

While I do have some experience in coding (thank you Myspace and Buddy4u), this was definitely a challenge to figure out. CSS is foreign territory to me. I love that about design, though - you're constantly teaching yourself along the way. I still have to figure out/get used to some things, but it's definitely made some huge progress over the last two days!

The one thing I should note is that the content I currently have right now (so anything before this date) is everything I pulled off of the blog I had on my tumblr. The reason I'm saying this is because all the posts I have on here currently have the date that I "published" them, meanwhile the post content refers to other times of the year. (For example, the 'Holiday Nails' post that I supposedly "posted" on "April 4th" I really made last December. I hope this makes sense... Anyways, from here on out, everything will be posted on here. I'm extremely excited for this giant step in my online presence, and I hope you are too!