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Hey MTV, Welcome to My Crib

Hey MTV, Welcome to My Crib

Hi, everybody! So, I'm not going to lie - my room is one of my absolute favorite places on this planet. It's something I'm really proud of, and it really accurately embodies who I am. After seeing it, people commonly ask me to decorate their space - which makes me feel AWESOME - so I figured I would give you guys a tour!


Here is the area right before my door, when you first walk in. My dresser is here, complete with my jewelry box (that I keep my rings in), my perfumes, and my jewelry holder. I have my shoe rack next to it, with the most common shoes I wear, out on display and easily accessible.


Next, is my "reading nook". I designed this with a very cozy vibe in mind, and I think the end result emulated that pretty well. Here is my favorite chair, which makes you feel nice and swaddled when you curl up and read in it! Draped over it is a SUPER COOL mermaid blanket my friend made me, and I mostly have that here for the pop of color it gives. To the right of the chair, I have some storage boxes, where I keep technology/gadget stuff. And then on top, I have my most current read, with a classy, fake-flower-filled, empty champagne bottle above (when you put it that way, it sounds less...classy). I decorated the walls with lights and framed watercolor art to give it a relaxing, whimsical look. And, of course, a scratching post for Sophie the Psycho (my cat).


Here are my Front Bottoms vinyls that my coworker Adrianne kindly donated to me. I do not have a record player, but I love them and the album artwork, so figured they fit in right here.


Here we have THE BED. Not exactly sure why I dramatically said "the bed" in my head - I guess because it's just THE BEST PLACE EVER!!!! I'm all about layering when it comes to where I snooze, mostly because I love the weight of a thousand (or three) blankets on me when I sleep in freezing cold temperatures. I have some throw pillows for color/texture, and then a Mexican blanket on the foot of the bed for patterned flair. I found these cool little disco-ball-looking things that I put in the corner of the wall for decoration and also to match the millennial pink pillow on my bed. (My room's color scheme is white, black, gray, and brown - with pops of turquoise and millennial pink).


To the left of my bed, I have my makeshift "nightstand", where I keep my other books that I want to read next (thanks CI-Group [my company] and Sam [my sister]!) This worked out really well for me, because I like having a bed low to the floor, and this is right at the same level. It's also white and chic as heck!


Oh, my pride and joy. THE DESK. This desk has been my favorite part of my room since high school. Organization and storage is euphoric for me, so this is a neat freak's DREAM. This is my space for working at home and blogging, and it makes me feel like Lauren Conrad when I sit here with a purpose. In the cabinet to the left of my chair, I keep photo albums, notebooks, scrapbooks, art supplies, desk supplies - basically it's just a hodge podge of miscellaneous items. To the right of my chair, in my top drawer, I keep the most-essential desk supplies (stapler, scissors, etc.) and the bills and other adult responsibilities I want to hide from for as long as possible. Real mature, I know. The bottom drawer is where I keep all my sketchbooks and pens, as well as a few other art supplies that fit better in a drawer rather than on a shelf.

In front of my desk, and at the foot of my bed, is my most-prized statement piece of my room: THE RUG. This one, everyone knows about, because they've either felt it's amazingness or they've seen/heard about how weirdly obsessed with it I am. I mean, come on, it's comfortable and gorgeousI spend many days just laying on this rug when I get home from work (not sure if that says more about me or the rug). 


Here is a closer look at the surface of my desk. One thing that I have really changed about myself over the years is the amount of space I keep on surfaces. A huge realization of mine was that the cleaner the space, the cleaner the mind. I feel overwhelmed when things are cluttered, and a neat space helps me feel more centered and focused. On my desk, I keep flowers (which I used to buy myself every week in college) [I want to start doing this again] - my notebook (where I write down general life realizations, self-reflections, lists, etc.), my laptop, a coaster, and my list of 2018 resolutions (so that I always have them to look to when I need a friendly reminder).

In my hutch, on the left side, I keep a box with my bank statements (UGH), some extra notebooks, blank cards, a box with important self-help/psychology/reference books, envelopes, and letters. In the middle, I have my collection of books, white decor flowers, a rock salt lamp, a jar of pens/pencils, and tissues. On the right side, I have my non-working Polaroid camera, my working Canon that I use for the blog, some Harry Potter books (because it's the greatest series ever), an old-fashioned camera my friend got me, Lauren Conrad's books (aka my bibles), and my One Line A Day book. If you couldn't already tell, I'm big on documentation.


And, of course, my watercolor calendar - where I keep all my bill due dates and trash/recycling schedule (which I have yet to write). To get through adulthood, you gotta make it pretty. 

Well, that's all for now! This is some insight into how I organize/how my mind works when it comes to making a space my own. I found some inspiration for a new decorative idea, which I'm so excited to work on soon! I'll be sure to post about it when I do. Thanks for the read!




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