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Dorm Room Décor

Dorm Room Décor

Hello, hello, hello! Long time no… blog? I can’t believe it’s been over a month since the last time I’ve written! as usual, I’m caught up in the crazy busy schedule that I call “life”. But, I truthfully am really trying to work on setting aside more time for myself. This is my attempt at doing so for today (sorry thesis!)

Something I really pride myself in is my dorm room this year at school. That sounds kind of funny, because - well, it’s just a dorm room! However, I put a lot of time and effort into creating a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but comfortable and functional for my last year here at Monmouth. In the building I am in, I was given a really small room. Being that I am RA, I do get the room to myself, but I had to be really innovative with how I made use of the space I was given. A lot of thought went into the final product, and I am so pleased with the compliments and feedback I’ve been getting on it! Today, I’m going to take you on a tour of my room, and give you some tips on making your space more you. The picture above is how my room looks when you first open my door.

Here is another view of, I guess, the "cozy” side of my room? Here, I have my bed and my “nook” (which is what I call the pillow section of my floor where I read and do homework), as well as some of my favorite pictures I have taken, my (barely alive) plants, and mounted planner.

The biggest problem I encountered with my room was how to make use of the floor space I had. Tile floors are so unwelcoming, and very hospital-esque, so I made the executive decision to get a big fluffy rug (thank you, Dad and Costco!!) It’s honestly the highlight of my room, and every single person that has sat on it has commented on how comfy it is. So not only does it look chic, but it is now extra sitting room and a great way to utilize my floor space!

Another view of the nook! It’s funny because everyone who has seen me sit here or has sat here refers to it as the nook as well. I added the plants for a pop of color. If you didn’t gather already the theme of my room is minimalistic neutrals with subtle pops of color. Greens and blues are very calming and are the main colors of what little accents I chose to use.

Here is another view of my bed. My bed worked out with the old comforter I had at home, which actually happens to be for a full-sized bed. The reason this worked to my advantage is because it’s long enough to hang over the side of my bed and conceal everything underneath - again, let me emphasize that I am really going for the minimalist look this year. I didn’t want a printed comforter either, because I wanted to keep it basic and neutral. I used a Mexican throw blanket to add an element of pattern into the look, and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. It really worked out in my favor that all of these things I just brought from home. The pictures on my wall, I’ve had on my computer, and I printed them out for barely any charge at Wal-Mart. The brain drawing I drew myself!

Here is my mounted planner! I might actually dedicate a "how-to" blog post to this, because it's really been a hit, and it is such a great way to incorporate color and functionality into your space. This is where I keep track of my day and what needs to be done. It's nice that it's right above where I sit, because I can just reach up and erase/add whatever I need.

Unfortunately, my fridge didn't necessarily fit into my "chic" criteria, but I think I spruced it up pretty well with my mug, cups, real and fake flowers, and the old-fashioned phone we're required to have for when we're on duty. I try not to put too much onto one surface, because it looks too cluttered and makes me feel a little claustrophobic. However, I think this exception fits well.

Here is my dresser! I modeled it to look more like a vanity - gotta get creative with the plain furniture we get. I have anything beauty-related either on top of the dresser or stored inside. I have Lauren Conrad's Beauty/Style books on top, to emphasize the look I was going for, and I also keep my jewelry and makeup brushes on display. A mirror is necessary, of course. My sunglasses fit in pretty well, I would say. This is one of those surfaces I really try and keep everything else off of, because it looks cluttered really quickly if I do not.

Another view of my dresser area. In my top drawer, I keep my makeup, hair products, nail polishes, cotton balls, and anything else beauty-related. My second drawer contains anything medicinal or medical, as well as lotions and anything hygiene-related. My third drawer is where I keep my sleep/activewear. Anything that is folded goes in here, along with my bras, underwear, bathing suits, and socks.

This area is directly next to my dresser on the right. It’s pretty self-explanatory. I have bathrobe and towel, which I purposely chose to be this color to go with my “calm colors theme”. I also have a command hook hanging so I can hang up the towel I use to dry my dishes. Directly underneath, on the floor, I have my slippers and shower shoes lined against the wall. (If it seems like I'm anal retentive about how I keep my room, it’s because I am.)

The main difficulty I faced while trying to minimize my space was how I was supposed to conceal areas that you really need for storage. I decided a gray curtain would be ideal, because it keeps the neutral theme going, but also hides the busyness of my closet. Something I’ve realized over time is that the more things you have in your room, the more noise it creates without you even being aware - and I really wanted things to quiet things down more in my environment.


Here is what it looks like behind the curtain. While it is very organized, you see what I mean about the busyness. When I open this, it’s almost like I get hit in the face by how much I have behind here. Granted, it’s all essential things I need to store somewhere, but the curtain allows it to be hidden. I have a pretty strict organizing system here.

On the shelf, I have sweaters and sweatshirts to the left, then sweatpants and sweatshirts in the second stack, color-coordinated jeans in the third stack, scarves for the forth, and then all of my heavy-duty socks, knee-highs, mittens, hats, etc. Underneath, I have my clothes hanging: first in order of going out vs. casual, and then organized by color. I used to organize by length, but I have found that color really helps me when i go to neutralize and accessorize my outfits. underneath, I have my bins with food, cleaning products, my hamper, overnight bags, yoga mat, weights, humidifier, shower caddy - basically anything I need that I couldn’t really find a place for.

As I mentioned before, another hiding spot for my things is underneath my bed. If I pull up my comforter, you can see my excessive collection of shoes, as well as my extra towels, drying rack, craft supplies, books for school, and my blankets. While it’s organized, it’s also very miscellaneous - another reason i would rather keep it obscured.

Switching gears! Here is my favorite part of my room: my desk. I have to admit that I don’t sit here very much, but it’s the best way I was able to keep things organized yet still pleasing to the eyes. To the left of my desk, I have my jewelry hanging (a recent idea that I am so excited about!) On top of the hutch, I have some art prints that I brought from home (I wish I could say I painted these, but alas, I did not). On top of the hutch, I have my crystal collection, which is very dear to me, along with my (broken) film camera. that space all the way to the left is where I keep my canon, the camera I was taking this picture with.

On the actual desk part, I have my books in height order toward the back, my laptop is in the middle, with the books I am currently reading for leisure to the left. In my top left drawer, I have anything I would need for stationary or any office supply. In my top right drawer, I have anything tentative that I need to get to - so any “to do” lists, tasks, letters I need to answer, etc. It’s my way of being able to access what I need to do, without it being blatantly noticeable when you walk into my room. My middle drawer has anything technology-related, and then my third drawer has any notebook/folder I don’t need for that day. As you have probably inferred, I heavily rely on my organization.

While I haven’t directly instructed you on how to do your room or what rules to follow, I kind of did so on purpose. Everyone has their own system and preference, so I can’t really tell you what you can/can’t or should/shouldn’t do. However, if you like how my room looks, you now know the rules I adhere to or use to keep it looking the way it does! You can feel free to use these to model your own room after. Hopefully you don’t think I’m a total nut, given the extent I went into for everything. My mentality is that a messy room = a messy mind, so that’s why how my room looks and feels is so important to me. I think a room is the first impression of who a person is, and I think mine fits who I am very well!


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