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The Denim Button-Down

The Denim Button-Down

One of my essentials (for any season) is the denim button-down. It is so versatile and can virtually be worn with anything. It accompanies any style and can dress your look both up or down.

For my first trend, I paired the button-down with a chunky cardigan (both from Forever 21) for more of a winter feel. (I would like to thank April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation for this style inspiration!)

The second look is a button-down over a (Forever 21) turtleneck. I can’t believe turtlenecks are back from the 90s! I accessorized it with a necklace from the limited to give it more of a polished look.

My final style is something I would be more likely to wear in the spring or summer. I layered the button-down over a lace tie-dye cami from TJ Maxx. I accessorized the low neckline with an original necklace made by my friend maisy at maisymoon!

One of my favorite things about fashion is the ability to incorporate one single piece into many different outfit combinations. It allows you to be inventive while also making the most of your wardrobe. 

What is your signature piece? How do you like to wear the denim button-down?


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